Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ternary plot and how do I read it?

See the "What is a ternary plot?" explanation page

How does make money?

It doesn't, it's provided for your convenience for free. I am just a single developer who developed and maintains all this in my spare time. Amazing right? Thats why you should donate to keep it going !

What is that floating red dot on top the plot and how do I get rid of it?

The floating red dot reads the ternary value of the current mouse position. You can turn it off by clicking on the "Interactive" toggle button below the plot.

Click to fix the position of the dot to read or copy the values, click again to unfix it.

How do I add a legend?

Just add some text in the "Legend Title" column in the table of the element (a point, line, or area) that you want to include in the legend. Each data item (i.e. a point, line, or area) with a legend title is added to the legend which will automatically appear on the plot. See the 'Legend' section on the Help page for more details.

I need more than 90 rows in the table, how do I add rows?

Currently adding rows is not supported.

I want certain things of the plot to look differently, how do I change that?

Click the "Configure Plot" button below the ternary plot, a sidebar with configuration options will appear on the left side. See the Plot Configuration section on the help page for a detailed explanation on the options.

I want to show just a part of the plot, how do I do that?

First click the plot configuration button below the plot. This will open the sidebar with the plot configuration panel. Now, in the "Domains" section, enter the subdomains. Be sure the enter domains are of equal length. For example, this is correct A: 0 - 0.7, B: 0 - 0.7 C: 0.3 - 1, all domains are of length 0.7. While the following is incorrect A: 0 - 0.7, B: 0 - 0.7 C: 0.2 - 1, because the the last domain is 0.1 'longer'.

How do I quickly enter data?


You can paste values directly into multiple data cells at once from Excel or Google Sheets.
First, select and copy multiple cells in Excel/Google sheets. In a table on, select the first cell you want to copy to and then paste, now multiple cells will be set at once.

Using a CSV file

See also the section on uploading a CSV file and the sample CSV files section on the Help page.

I think this is the best way:

  1. Click the download button and click "CSV" above the table you want to enter data into or download one of the sample CSV files on the help page .
  2. Open the saved CSV file in Excel (or something else) and add your data in the a, b, c columns. Do not edit the column names, so do NOT replace a,b,c and with labels for your data. Just leave the first row as it is.
  3. Check your data
    • Use a dot as a decimal separator.
    • Make sure the first three column names are "a, b, c"
    • Make sure your values are allowed, for example, a symbol of a point can be only one of the 7 symbol types and point sizes can't be negative.
  4. When you're done editing your data, save it as a CSV file.
  5. On, go to the table you want to enter data into, say the points table, and click the upload button above the table
  6. Select your edited CSV file and confirm
  7. An alert appears stating which columns are read, and which columns are ignored. You should now see the data in the table and on the plot, hooray!

How do I save data?

Data is saved locally in your browser each time you stop editing a table. You can also click the green download button above a table to download the table data and reupload it.

The plot is inverted, how do I reverse the axes?

The plot is most likely not inverted, perhaps you are reading the axes in reverse. If you want the axes reversed, click the "Plot configuration" button below the plot, then click the "Reverse" button in the Plot Configuration panel.

If you have set custom domains and are seeing strange plot results, then you have likely entered incorrect values for the domains.

I need more advanced features like binning and contouring, what should I do?

If does not satisfy your demands for ternary plots, check out one of the following software libraries.


There is also commercial software available for ternary plotting.