This is the new and improved TernaryPlot.com! Initially I built this as a small tool for myself to quickly make many ternary plots and avoid having to work with janky Excel templates or dealing with Python or R. Later on, I built it into a user-friendly website, which will remain available at ternaryplot.netlify.app but will no longer receive updates.

As feature requests piled up and my webdev skills improved, the time for a complete rewrite was due. Well, here we are.


The d3-ternary JavaScript module that's at the heart of the new TernaryPlot.com is free and open-source (BSD Clause 3 license) and it just happens to be developed by me as well.
If you need custom, interactive ternary plots in the browser you can make them using d3-ternary (and JS ofcourse). Learn more about it in this introductory Observable notebook Introducing d3-ternary.

Citing TernaryPlot.com

If you plan to use a ternary diagram from here in a scientific paper, that's great, go ahead! Please do mention www.TernaryPlot.com in the footnotes.

Privacy and Data Statement


TernaryPlot.com uses client-side JavaScript for everything, including storing saved data. This means data you enter on TernaryPlot.com is never transmitted to a server, it only used locally, on your own device and never leaves it. An added benefit of this is that you can save the page and use it offline just as well.


TernaryPlot.com uses Plausible Analytics which does not collect any personal data or use cookies.